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Grand Jury Reports

2019-2020 Final Report

Castlemont High School: Cheating its students

Alameda health system: Looming insolvency of a critical county safety net

oakland 9-1-1 communications center - a center in crisis

Disaster preparedness: How ready is alameda county?

Alameda county's general services agency too often fails at capital project management

Jail Inspections in alameda county

About the grand jury

2018-2019 Final Report

Alameda City Council Interference

The oakland Unified School district's broken administrative culture - millions wasted every year

County Supervisors' mismanagement loses millions for terrorism and disaster training

Independent Living Homes in Alameda County: Taming the "Wild West"

Alameda County foster care system: some positive trends, but too many children sent out of the county

County oversight of community-based organization contracts

Santa rita jail: Intake, release and grievance procedures

Camp wilmont sweeney inspection

Crime and quality of life: impact on bart ridership

2017-2018 Final Report

Oakland's $860 Million Crisis: Unfunded Retiree Healthcare

Oakland Unified School District: Hard Choices Needed to Prevent Insolvency

Coliseum Ticket Bonanaza

Affordable Housing Oversight in Oakland

Alameda Health System: Contracts, Compensation, and Care

Oakland's Aging Sewer System and How it Affects Lake Temescal

Workforce Development Funding in Oakland

Alameda County Water District's Rate Increases

Jail Inspections

2016-2017 Final Report

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2015-2016 Final Report

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2014-2015 Final Report

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2013-2014 Final Report

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2012-2013 Final Report

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2011-2012 Final Report

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