Alameda County Grand Jury

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Submit A Complaint

Citizens alleging government waste and or misconduct by government officials may submit confidential complaints to the Grand Jury.  The Grand Jury reviews every complaint received and if the situation warrants, recommends corrective action.  It has jurisdiction to investigate any city or county agency, or special district operating within Alameda County (e.g., BART, EBMUD, AC Transit, school districts, etc.). 

The Grand Jury cannot by law investigate state or federal agencies, or agencies outside of Alameda County. 

Complaint Guidelines

The Civil Grand Jury welcomes communication from the public as it can provide valuable information regarding matters for investigation. Receipt of all complaints will be acknowledged. The information provided will be carefully reviewed to assist the Grand Jury in deciding what action, if any, to take. If the Civil Grand Jury determines that a matter is within the legally permissible scope of its investigative powers and would warrant further inquiry, additional information may be requested. If the matter is determined not to be within the Grand Jury’s authority to investigate (e.g., a matter involving federal or state agencies or institutions, courts or court decisions, or a private dispute), there will be no further contact by the Grand Jury.

By law, the Grand Jury is precluded from communicating the results of its investigation, except in one of its formal public reports. All communications are considered, but may not result in any action or report by the Grand Jury.

The jurisdiction of the Civil Grand Jury includes the following:

  • Consideration of evidence of misconduct by officials within Alameda County.
  • Investigation and reports on operations, accounts, and records of the officers, departments or functions of the county and cities, including special districts and joint powers agencies.
  • Inquiry into the condition and management of jails within the county.


Complainant’s identities will be kept confidential by the Grand Jury. If you wish to file an anonymous complaint, please use the paper form and mail or fax it to the Grand Jury.

Online Complaint Form

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Paper Complaint Form

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